Karol Banach is just a boy with some pencils and crayons. We say he is a really awesome creative designer and typography specialist. His posters have the same style and not. They are divers in their styles and artworks and fit together in their colour and expressive manner. Enjoy them!

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Reflect Positivity

is one of the advices from Cymone Wilder graphic designer and typographer from Bourbonnais, IL - USA. She declares herself as the creative help for other people, that’s why she loves to make advices and turn negative energy by reflecting and showing positivity. Enjoy her celebration of life


Explore Playing Cards | Cardazine | Kickstarter | The Dieline

Started on Kickstarter, the core idea for this deck is a lot like a catalog of cities and holiday destinations around the world.

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Go here to see the rest.

I’ve been watching a lot of Jessica Hische’s (the designer/letterer of these) talks lately, she’s so freaking awesome. I love her work :)

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